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Scrap Metal & Timber Dealer

Buying & Selling Of Materials For Recycling & Scrap Metal

If you have scrap metal, regardless of the quantity or size we are more than happy to do business with you. We will take the scrap and you take our money.

We buy the following items:

All kind of Paper waste (old newspaper, magazines, colored paper and A4 paper), Drinking cans, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steel, Cardboard Boxes, Plastics (including plastic bottles), Electric and Electronic waste (Electronic Gadgets, Devices, CPU, Monitors, T.V, PCB Boards, Servers, Motherboards, Hard Disks, Power Supply Units, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Old Wires) Mechanical Waste (Compressors, Coils)
Even rusty old cars

Buying and Selling of Timber Products

Find new and recycled timber (kayu lama terpakai) for all your building and renovation projects like for decking & fencing, tongue & groove projects, furniture creation and chalet building or renovation projects.

We stock top quality cengal, resak, balau, merbau, meranti, kempas and many more varieties that we are sure to meet your expectation.

We maintain stock levels of at least 200 tons and are able to supply immediately. Each batch of timber wood (kayu lama terpakai) we receive will go through detailed inspection and clean-up process. The timber is then sorted by type and size for your easy selection.

Further to this we also do customization request for required size that you may need.

Demolition Services and Materials.

We offer demolition services for any kind of projects big or small. Kindly get in touch with us with your demolition projects and we will do a detailed survey and the proper recommendations.

If you are looking for demolition materials look no further as we have a variety of products. Our yard have become one of the favourite source of second hand building materials including secondhand zinc (zinc terpakai), secondhand plywood (plywood terpakai) and others. Customers will be amazed with the range of items that are reclaimed from our demolition jobs.

We carry recycled timber, hardwood flooring, doors, window panes, bricks and sinks.

Construction or Renovation Waste Disposal Service

We at Sabil Syukur also offer waste disposal services for construction or renovation. Headache of thinking how to dispose of that debris from your renovation? Just give us a call and we will send our bins for your usage. We will then arrange the pick-up of that waste.